The search for smartwatch students

During the first intermediate presentation of the thesis, I said we we’re going to lend out the smartwatch to students and track their behaviour again. I got a remark saying their behaviour might be distorted because they will just be playing around with the smartwatch because it’s something new and exciting. So we changed the plan and would try to find students who already own a smartwatch, so they will just use the new app in a normal way.

Unfortunately finding these students proved a lot more difficult than I had thought. My cousin owned a Samsung gear live 2, so I could always ask him. Next I started asking all of my friends on Facebook if they had one or if they knew anybody who did, and I found one friend who received a Samsung gear fit for free with his smartphone. I also made a post in the Facebook group containing 236 computer science students, hoping somebody might have received one for Christmas, but I didn’t get any response.

Next I put out a tweet, which was retweeted twice and somehow reached somebody who knew a guy who owns a Pebble smartwatch, so I contacted him and he was very kind and willing to help out. Aside from this, the search wasn’t exactly going swimmingly, so my supervisor advised me to contact Fnac and Coolblue to see if they could maybe give me some contact information of people who have bought a smartwatch. Unfortunately they could not do this, most likely due to privacy reasons.

So I’ve got 3 students with a smartwatch, which isn’t a whole lot.. Meaning we might have to adapt our strategy a bit and see what we can do to reduce the novelty effect when giving the smartwatch to students who do not have one already, so that we can increase our sample size a bit. If we were to only look at the correlation between notifications and micro-usage sessions, perhaps there will not be a very big difference between users already owning a smartwatch and those who don’t, since handling notifications is a reactive action. Meaning users can’t actively play around more with notifications because they want to try out the device more and play with it, because they would have to ‘wait’ for new notifications.

Something else I could do when the final version is ready, is make a post on the Android Wear subreddit ( to try and spread the app. The problem with this is I won’t know for sure if I’m reaching students, which should be the goal of my thesis.

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