Digital prototype: option 1

So after the comparative study, I started working on the digital prototype of the first option of the notification enhancer. 43 working hours later, it is finished. Note that this only includes the frontend, it is not connected to any email or other communication service yet. Because Android Wear has limitations in some aspects, we also have 3 different versions of the prototype, which we will explain below the picture.

3 versions of implementing the quadrant menu.

Version 1 contains the most standard way of presenting notifications on Android Wear. First a card showing the notifications and swiping left to reveal possible actions. This action then opens the screen with the four quadrants.
In version 2, we embedded the “Open Quads” button into the notification. This way you can press the notification to open the quadrant screen. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, this only allows the notification to display a limited amount of content.

In version 3, we embedded the quadrant screen into the notification. By just swiping the notification card to the left, you immediately get to see the quadrant screen. This obviously seems like the best option since this doesn’t limit the notification card content and still only requires one swiping action. Unfortunately it also comes with a major downside.

Pressing the “Remind me” or “Quick reply” button will show a list, as shown at the left on the following figure:


With version 1 and 2, you can scroll through this list by swiping up or down, as you would expect from a list. BUT when using version 3, Android disables and overrides these swiping gestures to move to the previous or next notification. Meaning you can’t swipe to scroll the list, you have to press on the upper or lower item to move the list 1 position. E.g. you are on the top left screen: “Yes” is in the middle and highlighted, if I want to go down to select “Ok” I need to first press “No” which moves the list upwards 1 position, and then press “Ok”, which will move the list another position, resulting in “Ok” being in the middle and highlighted.
Short version: you have to tap above or below the middle item to move through the list instead of swiping up or down.

To give a complete view of the prototype, after pressing “Delete” or “Open on phone” you get an animation containing the figures below:


And finally, setting a reminder looks like this:


So what do you guys think? Do the upsides of version 3 outweigh the downsides of the list? In my opinion it is much more enjoyable to get to the quadrant screen this way and while working with the list is unintuitive at first, after getting used to it I might even prefer tapping to scrolling.
It’s a difficult balance and I am curious to see what users will say during the evaluation.

Anyway I will start studying for my exams soon, so I probably won’t be posting any updates until February. Happy New Year and good luck to everybody!

5 thoughts on “Digital prototype: option 1

  1. Ik denk dat ik toch voor de derde optie zou kiezen, ondanks het feit dat je dan niet kan swipen door de lijsten (want is dat niet de standaard manier op door een lijst te gaan op een touch scherm?)
    Vreemd dat dat gebeurt eigenlijk…

    Kan je zelf ook quick replies toevoegen aan de lijst? Dat lijkt me wel een hele leuke toevoeging.
    De reminder vind ik ook goed πŸ™‚ Dat zou ik ook wel in mijn gsm ingebouwd willen hebben.


  2. Zonder met de smartwatch te hebben gewerkt lijkt het inderdaad vreemd dat je niet meer kan swipen, maar in de context dat google wil dat je steeds naar de vorige of volgend notificatie moet kunnen swipen, van op eender welke pagina van de huidige notificatie, lijkt het nog wel aanvaardbaar denk ik.

    Zelf quick replies toevoegen zou in de finale versie ook wel mogelijk moeten zijn, dit zal dan wel op je smartphone gebeuren. πŸ™‚
    Bedankt voor je input!


  3. Hi, I’m a master’s student about to start a similar thesis work as yours. I was just wondering how you’re thesis is going, it would be really interesting to read it. I like your work on the blog! Keep it up!


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